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Clinical Cases of Bone Regeneration

Dr. Luca De Stavola

This course, divided into 2 Masterclasses, aims to provide participants with the knowledge and techniques necessary to make bone regeneration predictable, replicable, and successful. Through this course, participants will acquire an understanding of the biological principles and technical aspects required for the correct execution of bone surgery, enabling anyone to successfully replicate bone regeneration based on this knowledge. We will also go through technical aspects of hard and soft tissues, from the small to the big horizontal and vertical augmentation.

Clinical Cases of Guided Surgery

Dr. Andrea Fincato

The Guided Implant Surgery Masterclass, taught by Dr. Andrea Fincato, is an advanced course that aims at training participants to correctly make use of digital technologies in the planning and implementation of implant-prosthetic rehabilitations.

Throughout this Masterclass you will understand the value of accuracy in Guided Surgery to minimize the discrepancy between planning and executing, making your rehabilitation process even more precise and reliable.