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The Bone Regeneration Masterclass 1 ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง

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The Speaker

Hear it from Dr. De Stavola

Doctor Luca De Stavola

Dr. Luca De Stavola, with 20 years of experience in Bone Regeneration, is one of the leading figures in the discipline worldwide.

Through his extensive case experience, having treated approximately 4000 cases, he has developed a strong skill set and a deep understanding of his colleaguesโ€™ needs and concerns.

This expertise is reflected in Dr. De Stavolaโ€™s courses, which are designed to be practical, concise, and aimed at fostering professional growth.

Masterclass 1

Why should you join?

Diagnostic ability

Learn to understand the feasibility of bone regeneration and the limitations, define the objective, select the ideal material and choose the most appropriate technique

Technical aspects

Learn the technical aspects of horizontal and vertical bone regeneration with the GBR technique, how to select of the membrane and execute the surgery step-by-step

Soft tissue

Learn how ho manager the flap design in the mandible and upper jaw, execute the supra-muscular flap elongation and achieve passive flap closure through the application of tension-relieving sutures

Practical hands-on training

Exercise on soft tissue management and GBR on a pig mandible


An overview of the course

Autogenous bone is recognized to be the gold standard in bone augmentation procedures for its incomparable biological properties.

During the course the participants will learn how to understand the characteristics of the defect, increasing the capability to decide the optimal graft material and the surgical approach from both soft tissue and hard tissue point of views.

Predictable strategies in soft tissue management will describe in detail from flap design, flap elongation and appropriate passive wound closure. The hands-on training will give the opportunity to improve the understanding of the concept behind the bone augmentation (GBR) procedures and soft tissue management.


Day 1 | 09:00-18:00


Key-factors in diagnosis and surgical plan
What should be done in relation to the defect anatomy and the surgical/treatment goal
How to choose the graft material.


GBR Surgical protocols step-by-step.
Aesthetic area and posterior area


GBR Surgical protocols step-by-step.
Aesthetic area and posterior area

Day 2 | 09:00-18:00


Flap design in relation to the defect anatomy
Step-by-step flap passivation in the mandible and in the maxilla
Step-by-step suture protocol.


What do others think about this Masterclass?

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Stars on Google Reviews
Francesco La Via
2 weeks ago
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Fantastic experience! A course for those who want to learn how to handle complex oral surgery cases in a predictable way. Luca is a great Surgeon and Master but above all a wonderful person who conveys so much passion, in the course he follows you step by step and is extremely helpful!
Matteo Zangari
1 month ago
Read More
Great Luca De Stavola, speaker of international level super prepared but at the same time helpful and easygoing. Clear and exhaustive explanations, lectures full of clinical cases and videos: an excellent course for those who want to learn more about the concepts of regenerative bone surgery.
Oleksii Siedakov
3 months ago
Read More
Absolutely fantastic! I highly recommend Dr. Luca De Stavola's course to every implantologist who deals with bone augmentation, great professional and very passionate lecturer! Thank you very much :)
Dirk Van Velthoven
4 moths ago
Read More
Excellent course on vertical and horizontal bone augmentation. With a good mix of theory, case presentation and practice.
Lorenzo Mordini
6 moths ago
Read More
Great experience with a very knowledgeable and helpful lecturer. Highly recommended !
Iyad Ghoneim
9 moths ago
Read More
Great course and excellent instructor

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5 Stars on Google Reviews

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